Compression Stockings

You’re not alone if your legs and feet feel swollen and heavy after a long day. Many people suffer from this and experience this unwelcome feeling, especially if you stand or sit for long periods of time. Compression stockings are specially designed to help alleviate feelings of tightness and heaviness in the legs by applying gradual pressure and helping to improve circulation and reduce swelling. They are often used by people who have conditions such as lymphedema or varicose veins, but they can also be helpful for healthy adults who experience swelling, heaviness, or tenderness after exercise or strenuous activity. At Pharmaconic, we have a wide selection of compression hosiery for you to choose from. Our team can help you find the right size and style for your needs, so you’re sure to find something that’s comfortable and effective.


We understand that varicose veins and other circulatory problems can cause significant discomfort and pain, making life more difficult than it needs to be. Our selection of compression stockings can help to alleviate these symptoms as well as prevent blood clots in the legs, especially after surgery or injury. At Pharmaconic, we offer compression stockings and hosiery in both men’s and women’s sizes, and our stockings range from 10-30 mmHg, with ranges from light pressure to strong pressure, so you can find the perfect level of compression for your needs and choose from a variety of styles.


The most important aspect of a compression stocking is getting the right fit. At our stores, we can measure you and custom fit you to the right pair! We also carry stockings that can be worn during pregnancy, when unexpected swelling can happen in the feet or legs. No matter what kind of support you need, we have something for you so you can start to feel better fast.


At Pharmaconic, our compression stockings are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be long-lasting. With our stockings, you’ll get the support you need to feel your best and move with ease. Call, text, or visit us to grab your compression stockings today and stop by our stores in Little Neck, Queens, or Lake Success, Long Island, today.

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